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The Brand


Our branding draws inspiration from the concept of security and safeguarding in the digital realm. The shield outline symbolizes protection and resilience, reflecting our commitment to ensuring the safety of our users' digital experiences. 

The clean and bold font of the word "CyberSift" conveys a sense of strength and clarity, reinforcing our dedication to providing robust cybersecurity solutions. 

Together, the shield and typography create a visual identity that communicates our mission to shield and fortify against digital threats, embodying the core values of reliability and security that define our brand.

Brand Vision

"At CyberSift, our vision is to embody agility, fortify our solutions with strength, provide unparalleled visibility, and deliver unwavering loyalty.


We strive to set new standards in cybersecurity, ensuring the utmost protection for our clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape."

Cybersift Re-branding 2024-50_edited.png
CyberSift Favicon

The CyberSift Brand Guidelines serve as a guide for internal team members as well as external contributors assisting with content creation.

This is our primary logo.


It is composed of an Shield outline - and the wordmark. It should be your first choice when placing a logo. 

Colours can be maneuvered as seen in the brand kit to be place on all palette backgrounds.

LOGOMARK - This is composed of the same Shield outline - and the CS wordmark representing Cybersift.

CyberSift Logo
CyberSift Favicon

Download the Cybersift Brand Assets

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