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Secure File Transfer System

Encrypted Transfer Solution

Effortlessly access, share, and synchronize your files with CyberSift Drive—a versatile, secure file transfer solution tailored for businesses.

This solution comes equipped with its dedicated portal, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure and storage systems for quick deployment. The intuitive user interface and hybrid cloud strategy of CyberSift Drive provide universal access to your data, regardless of its location. Experience simplicity, ease of use, and enhanced security with CyberSift Drive for your file management needs.

CyberSift Drive user portal

Available in self-hosted or SaaS options

Users, whether internal or external, can log in, select upload policies, and undergo a thorough security process. Admin-configured policies check file attributes, followed by a comprehensive "bleaching process," including antivirus checks, malware disinfection, PDF sanitization, and content disarming.


The solution also offers efficient automation through applications and APIs, utilizing agents or self-built APIs to generate keys or tokens for direct file uploads to the server. With scheduled runs and automatic discernment of file status, CyberSift Drive ensures secure and reliable file transfers with advanced threat detection capabilities.

CyberSift Drive API

Unique Functions

Replace legacy FTP with CyberSift Drive's secure file transfer

CyberSift Drive ensures modern, encrypted file transfers, replacing vulnerable legacy FTP systems and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Enable customizable workflows with CyberSift Drive

CyberSift Drive allows users to create and implement tailored workflows, enhancing collaboration, automating tasks, and optimizing data flow within the organization.

Prevent malware with seven antivirus engines in CyberSift Drive

CyberSift Drive employs up to seven antivirus engines to scan files before entering the network, providing a robust defense against malware and ensuring a secure data environment.

Seamless Integration

At the core of CyberSift Drive is a user portal catering to both internal and external users, facilitating logins, policy selection, and a rigorous security process for file uploads. Admin-configured policies meticulously examine attributes such as file size and type, initiating a comprehensive "bleaching process" involving antivirus checks, malware disinfection, PDF sanitization, and content disarming specifically for Office files. The sanitized files find secure storage in designated destination folders based on administrator configurations.

Moreover, automation in applications and APIs within CyberSift is streamlined through the use of an agent or a self-built API, generating a key or token for direct file uploads to the server upon file detection. Folders within the application can be configured for automatic uploads to the server, contingent upon CyberSift virus checks and policies. The agent's self-scheduling capability, running every minute, ensures automatic discernment of a file's downloadability or uploadability, enhancing the efficiency of file management within CyberSift Drive.

CyberSift Drive user portal
CyberSift Drive API

Via User Portal

Applications and APIs

Key Features

Effortlessly access, share, and synchronize your files with CyberSift Drive—a versatile, secure file transfer solution tailored for businesses. 

Preventive sanitizing system

Eliminates all malware threats with Content Disarm & Reconstruction system (CDR). That prevents any malicious content from entering a corporate network perimeter.


Advanced security features

Our bleaching process - multiple antivirus checks, disinfecting files from any malware (deep clean), multi factor authentication gives you extra protection. 


Isolated from network

Sanitization process is done on Drive itself, giving it extra security. 


Wide breadth of file formats and sizes

CyberSift Drive supports large amount of files (including macros, password-protected files, and active content) in the industry. Over 11,000 file types supported.


Simple set-up and management

Simple security configuration can even be performed directly from the dashboard. Create your own policies and custom rules, while getting immediate feedback  about the uploaded files.

Deliver & Recieve safe content
to and from users.

Keep your digital assets safe.

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