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Vulnerability Assessment Solution

Detect Vulnerabilities in your System

Elevate your security measures with Tutela, a unified and cost-effective solution that ensures comprehensive protection for your assets. This robust platform facilitates compliance maintenance through thorough network scans, pinpointing potential weak points, and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.


Tutela's key features encompass a wide spectrum, from detecting web phishing attempts and actively safeguarding sensitive data to proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of security threats with Tutela's integrated approach, empowering you to fortify your digital assets and maintain a robust security posture.

Tutela Dashboards

Reporting made easy

Tutela simplifies the process with easy setup for asset inventory, web filtering, and host forensics – all achievable within minutes. Prioritize threats based on severity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters for your organization.

Customized Automated Reporting allows businesses to stay informed with customized automated reporting that tailors information to your specific needs. This feature empowers you to protect your business effectively, providing insights into potential risks and actions taken to mitigate them.

Tutela reporting

Tutela's main functions

Phishing Detection

Tutela specializes in proactive phishing detection, ensuring the safety of your users and preserving your reputation. Through constant monitoring of both the visible and dark web, Tutela diligently seeks out signs of malicious activity. The platform goes beyond surface-level scans, automating the analysis of websites, URLs, SSL certificates, and other components. Once specific criteria are met, Tutela triggers scanning for similarities to genuine URLs, offering a comprehensive defense against phishing threats.

Data Leak Detection 

Take control of your data assets with Tutela's robust data leak detection capabilities. Define which data assets to monitor and receive notifications of any leakages to the web, safeguarding your reputation. Protect your intellectual property by adding tokens to sensitive documents, receiving alerts if they are ever found in the public domain. Additionally, Tutela employs strategic tactics to trap malicious actors, utilizing fake credentials, documents, and hidden strings, while promptly alerting you to any unusual access.

Vulnerability Scanning

Tutela ensures compliance by scanning your infrastructure for vulnerabilities, providing a detailed list that allows you to closely monitor potential threats. Prioritize effectively with Tutela's cross-referencing of exploit databases, highlighting vulnerabilities likely to be exploited and providing triage results. The platform streamlines the vulnerability scanning process, making it a breeze to meet information security standards. With Tutela, focus on other critical compliance requirements while maintaining a vigilant defense against potential security risks.

Key Features

Integrated security solution for compliance. Conduct comprehensive network scans to detect phishing, data leaks, vulnerabilities, and thwart potential threats efficiently.

Comprehensive Network Scanning

Tutela ensures visibility over all your assets, revealing potential weak points and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.


Detect Web Phishing Attempts

Stay one step ahead by identifying and thwarting web phishing attempts that pose a significant threat to your security.


Seamless Automation

Tutela actively works to safeguard your sensitive data, providing a proactive defense against potential leaks.


Vulnerability Detection

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your system before attackers can exploit them, bolstering your overall security posture.

Detect Threats with Ease.

Malware attacking data

Peace of Mind, Simplified

Experience tranquility with Tutela's all-in-one security solution.

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