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One agent,
Total Protection.

CyberSift Solutions incorporate all in our SIEM

Cybersift Re-branding 2024

Engineered for Tomorrow's Threats. Today.

See, Protect & Resolve

CyberSift Brand elements


Easily ingest and analyze logs, bringing fully searchable audit logging, threat detection, and comprehensive reports from across your environment into one unified platform.


Discover system vulnerabilities with our assessment solution for visibility and security enhancement. A single, integrated, cost-effective solution for all your assets and weak points.


Access, share, and sync files seamlessly with CyberSift Drive—a secure, versatile file transfer solution for businesses, available in both self-hosted and SaaS options.

DNS Protect

This tool shields users from phishing and malware sites across 80+ categories. Safeguarding businesses from diverse online threats, spanning social media to the dark web.

WEB Protect

Safeguard your web applications, APIs, and data from diverse cyber threats with CyberSift WEB Protect—

a comprehensive, self-managed Web Application Firewall (WAF). 

Exceptional speed.
Limitless scalability.


Visibility into all areas of your digital operations from a single dashboard.


Detect threats to your environment that slip past traditional lines of defence.


Identify vulnerabilities across your entire enterprise.


Execute queries across your infrastructure with host forensics.


Completely customisable and interactive reporting.

Cybersecurity Made Easy 🚀

Securing your digital assets requires recruiting qualified individuals with specialized skills, a challenging task. CyberSift understands this, and that's why, in conjunction with our cutting-edge security products, we offer skilled analysts to support your security programs. Leveraging their expertise with our products, our analysts can cover more ground efficiently, delivering a cost-effective and superior service tailored to your needs.

CyberSift Solutions

End Point Protection

Protect devices connected to your network from malicious threats and cyberattacks

Protect your endpoints with confidence

Elevate your enterprise with cutting-edge Endpoint Security solutions meticulously crafted to fortify your organization against the ever-evolving panorama of cyber threats.

Enlist the unwavering support of our dedicated team, poised to deliver not just protection, but also expert guidance to ensure the resilience of your endpoints.

Preserve the integrity of your network by entrusting us to shield your endpoints from malicious activities. Navigate the intricate landscape of endpoint security with confidence, knowing you have a steadfast ally to guide you through every challenge. Choose assurance, choose us for a safeguarded and empowered digital environment.

Dynamic Device Discovery

Automatically identify and protect unmanaged devices connected to the network, mitigating potential threats from unknown endpoints.

Rapid Incident Response

Respond swiftly to security incidents with a single-click remediation, significantly reducing average response times and accelerating the investigation process.

Visibility and Control

Gain comprehensive visibility into endpoint activities, minimizing false positives and enhancing detection efficacy for a more robust security posture.

Security isn't a feature. It's our foundation.

Explore options to protect your data.

Cybersift Re-branding 2024
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