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What is Phishing?

Phishing sites represent a pervasive and stealthy cybersecurity threat, designed with the sole purpose of duping users into divulging sensitive information. These deceptive websites often mimic legitimate platforms, exploiting human trust to extract valuable data such as usernames, passwords, and financial credentials. Real-world consequences have seen major corporations fall prey to phishing attacks, leading to colossal data breaches and reputational damage.


Enter DNS Protect by CyberSift, a formidable solution that acts as a proactive defender. Leveraging real-time threat intelligence, it identifies and promptly blocks access to known phishing sites, fortifying your organization against these insidious attempts at data compromise.

What is Malware?

Malware, a portmanteau of "malicious software," encompasses a spectrum of harmful programs such as viruses, trojans, and ransomware. This silent intruder infiltrates systems, compromising data integrity and operational stability. Notable instances include ransomware attacks paralyzing critical sectors like healthcare.


DNS Protect by CyberSift emerges as a robust guardian, standing as a bulwark against malware by preventing connections to malicious command-and-control servers. This proactive defense mechanism ensures that your organization remains impervious to the detrimental impacts of malware, safeguarding both data and operational continuity.

What is Advertising Tracking?

Advertising tracking, a ubiquitous practice on the internet, involves the collection of user data for targeted advertising purposes. While this serves marketing goals, it raises concerns about user privacy and data security. Organizations navigating this landscape face reputational risks and regulatory challenges if user data falls into the wrong hands.


DNS Protect by CyberSift takes a principled stance on user privacy. It accomplishes this by blocking access to domains associated with intrusive advertising tracking practices, thereby ensuring a comprehensive defense against potential privacy breaches.

Enhance your security with DNS Protect

DNS Protection

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, fortifying your organization requires a proactive approach, and CyberSift's DNS Protect stands as the beacon of resilience. Unleashing the power of real-time threat intelligence, it unveils and thwarts phishing attempts, safeguarding your organization from the duplicitous nature of phishing sites. Furthermore, as a stalwart defender against malware, DNS Protect prevents connections to malicious command-and-control servers, preserving both data integrity and operational continuity. Additionally, by curbing invasive advertising tracking practices, it preserves user privacy, ensuring that your organization adheres to the highest standards of ethical data usage. Don't merely react to threats; proactively strengthen your defenses with DNS Protect by CyberSift and elevate your cybersecurity posture to new heights. Strengthen your organization's resilience today!

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