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Security Training

Comprehensive Protection from Top to Bottom.

Importance of Training 

The aim of the user security awareness training is to turn your end users into a strong last line of defence in identifying cyber-attacks and protecting your organization. Securing an organization against cybersecurity threats is a collective responsibility that begins with comprehensive staff training. Cyber threats continue to evolve, becoming more sophisticated and targeted.


CEOs, holding pivotal roles within companies, are often prime targets for cybercriminals due to their access to sensitive information. Compromising a CEO's credentials can lead to severe consequences, including unauthorized access to critical data and strategic plans. Therefore, staff training is crucial to enhance the overall cybersecurity posture of an organization. It not only empowers employees to recognize and mitigate potential threats but also builds a united front against cyber risks. By fostering a culture of awareness and equipping staff with the knowledge to identify and respond to cyber threats, organizations can fortify their defenses and minimize the risks associated with cyberattacks.

Training Topics Course Details

01 Introduction to Information Security and Defense

  1. Introduction to Information Security (the CIA Triad)

  2. Introduction to Security Standards (PCI, ISO27001, GDPR)

  3. What are we defending? (Categories of Personal Data)

  4. Know Your Environment and Equipment

  5. The Internet of Things

  6. Policies and Procedures Explained

02 Attack Techniques and Vulnerabilities

  1. Popular, Current-Day Attack Techniques

  2. Understanding Reconnaissance

  3. Open-Source Intelligence

  4. Personal Attack Surface and Exploitation

  5. Use of Company Devices on Social Media and Entertainment Sites

  6. Storage of Personal Data

  7. Handling of Devices Physically

  8. Technical Exploits Examples

03 Security Awareness and Human Element

  1. End Point Protection: What It Is and Why You Need It

  2. The Human Element - Security Awareness

  3. Social Engineering

  4. Types of Phishing

  5. Removable Media Security

  6. Passwords and Authentication Methods

  7. Physical Security

  8. Remote Working

  9. Wi-Fi and Cloud Security

04 Practical Security Guidelines

  1. Social Media Use

  2. Internet and Email Use

  3. Security at Home

  4. Defense in Depth

  5. Golden Rules for Information Security


The whole course lasts three hours with a short break


Focused on security and penetration through an evaluation at the end


€30/person excl. Vat

Train & Protect

Top to Bottom.

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