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CYBERSIFT Change.log 02.24

Updated: Feb 22

As March unfolds, our dedicated team persists in its commitment to assisting numerous clients, with a primary focus on strengthening their data security infrastructure.

This collective endeavor ensures that our clients maintain robust measures to safeguard their invaluable data in the face of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Moreover, our team has been actively working on a suite of updates to elevate and refine our services even further.

SIEM Updates:

  1. Citrix Netscaler Parsers Update A seamless integration journey with enhanced log analysis through our refined Citrix Netscaler parsers. The upgrade ensures a smoother and more intuitive experience, allowing for comprehensive insights into your network's security landscape. As we continue to fine-tune our Citrix Netscaler parsers, your cybersecurity infrastructure benefits from heightened efficiency and enhanced compatibility.

  2. Machine Learning Algorithms Advancements: Our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms have undergone a transformative evolution, delivering a more detailed and verbose "Top Terms" output. This enhancement empowers you with a deeper understanding of potential threats, providing invaluable insights for proactive cybersecurity measures.

TUTELA Updates:

  • New Feature - SBOM Scan Support: Introducing Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) scan support, enhancing supply chain security. Entity Dashboard and More: Witness an improved "Entity Dashboard" and related dashboards for a more intuitive and insightful experience. Learn more about these updates in our accompanying explainer article here.

  • Windows Compliance Checks: Enhancements to windows compliance checks ensure more accurate detection of logged-in users, bolstering your system's security.

  • Network Scanner Bugfixes: We've addressed and resolved bugs in our network scanner, ensuring a smoother and more reliable scanning process.

  • Best Practices for AnyDesk: Find newly added "best practices" for AnyDesk use under "compliance checks," ensuring aligned security standards.

  • Improved Discover Tab Search: The search bar in the "Discover" tab now includes searching within the "notes" field, offering a more refined and precise search experience.


& so ... in February 2024, these were the top Cybersecurity news from around the globe:

"Mother of all Breaches" Exposes Billions of Records:
  • Massive data leak exposes over 26 billion user records.

  • Platforms affected include Twitter, Dropbox, and US government organizations.

  • Urgent recommendations: Change passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and stay vigilant against phishing attacks.

EU Agenda Exploited in Spear Phishing Campaigns:
  • Cybercriminals leverage European Union agendas for spear phishing.

  • Topics like green transition and digital transformation used as lures.

  • Tactics involve tricking victims into clicking malicious links or attachments.

PDF Malware on the Rise:
  • Increased use of PDF files to spread malware like WikiLoader and Ursnif.

  • Malicious PDFs may appear legitimate but can exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Users warned to exercise caution and avoid enabling macros.

Southern Water Data Breach Affects Customers and Employees:
  • Southern Water notifies customers and employees of a data breach.

  • Some personal information compromised; investigation underway.

  • Company offers support to affected individuals.

New Ivanti Vulnerability Raises Security Concerns:
  • Vulnerability discovered in Ivanti software, used for IT asset management.

  • Potential risk of unauthorized access; security concerns raised.

  • Organizations advised to stay vigilant and implement necessary patches.

Governments and Tech Giants Unite Against Commercial Spyware:
  • Coalition formed with governments and tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

  • Aim is to combat the threat of commercial spyware.

  • Focus on developing new detection and mitigation techniques.

Prudential Financial Faces Cybersecurity Breach:
  • Financial services company Prudential Financial discloses a data breach.

  • Limited number of customers affected; investigation in progress.

  • Company takes steps to strengthen its security posture in response.


We just got ISO27001 certified, & you can be too.

We've just achieved ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to information security. Now, you can join the ranks of certified organizations with our expert guidance.

At CyberSift, we offer comprehensive support to navigate the ISO 27001 certification process seamlessly. From initial assessments to implementing robust information security management systems, our dedicated team ensures your organization meets the stringent standards set by ISO 27001.

Elevate your commitment to information security, boost your credibility, and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Did you check out our latest Webinar Series?

Our hosts David Vassallo & Elaine Fenech explore the pivotal role of cybersecurity in the contemporary business landscape, offering insightful discussions and practical tips to fortify your digital assets.


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