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CYBERSIFT Change.log 03.24

As April blossoms, we extend heartfelt Easter wishes to our cherished customers, celebrating the spirit of renewal and hope that this season brings.

While we diligently work to enhance your data security measures, we also pause to appreciate the significance of this time for reflection and rejuvenation. Just as Easter symbolizes new beginnings, we remain dedicated to ushering in innovative solutions and steadfast support to safeguard your invaluable data assets. Here's our March Update:

SIEM Updates:

  1. CyberSift UI Dashboards Enhancement: Now, our UI dashboards support direct links to saved searches, streamlining your workflow and making data retrieval even more efficient.

  2. New NiFi Processor for Syslog Parsing: Our NiFi processor, SyslogParser, now boasts enhanced capabilities, enabling the parsing and ingestion of Fortigate FortiMail events, further expanding its utility and flexibility.

  3. Introducing New NiFi Processors: We're introducing three new NiFi processors to our suite of tools: - ExtractJsonMerge - ExtractGrokMerge - JmesPathMatcher

  4. NiFi Processor Alerter Updates: Our NiFi processor, Alerter, has been updated with new features, including an explainer article on "Common Alert Recipes," providing valuable insights into effectively managing alerts.

  5. Enhanced CyberSift Overview Page: The CyberSift Overview page has been refined to respect user roles, ensuring that it is only displayed to users assigned the admin role, enhancing security and usability.

TUTELA Updates:

  • Network Scanner Bug Fixes: We've addressed various bugs in our network scanner, ensuring smoother and more reliable operation.

  • Improved Detection for Outdated MS Outlook: Our system now offers enhanced detection capabilities for outdated versions of MS Outlook, bolstering your defense against potential vulnerabilities.

  • Enhanced Software Tracking: Introducing an "Installed" column and visual within the "Assets and Services > Software" section, allowing you to easily track uninstalled software for improved asset management.

  • Introduction of Tags Feature: We're excited to introduce the "tags" feature, designed to enhance vulnerability management and reporting. For more details on how to leverage this feature effectively, please refer to our explainer article here.

  • New "Show Only Recent" Option: Within the "Assets and Services > Network Services" section, you can now opt to view only recent IP addresses and ports detected in the last scan, streamlining your network management process by focusing on the most relevant information.

DNS Protect Updates:

  1. New Reputation-Based Category: /Suspicious: We've added a new reputation-based category, "/Suspicious," providing an additional layer of insight into potentially questionable activities within your network. This category enables you to swiftly identify and address suspicious behavior, bolstering your proactive security measures.

  2. Wildcard Support for Whitelisting and Blacklisting: Our whitelisting and blacklisting functionality now supports wildcards (*), offering greater flexibility and granularity in defining and managing your security policies. Whether you're dealing with specific IP addresses, domains, or URLs, wildcard support empowers you to effectively tailor your security measures to suit your organization's unique needs.

We're thrilled to announce that CyberSift DNS Protect is now more accessible than ever before!

With this exciting update, accessing our powerful DNS protection solution is easier and more convenient than ever. Whether you're safeguarding your network against malicious domains, enforcing content filtering policies, or enhancing your overall cybersecurity posture, CyberSift DNS Protect empowers you to take control of your DNS security effortlessly.

Stay ahead of threats and protect your network with confidence, thanks to CyberSift DNS Protect.


& so ... in March 2024, these were the top Cybersecurity news from around the globe:

Russian Hackers Launch Email Campaigns to Demoralize Ukrainians:
  • A disinformation campaign, Operation Texonto, targets Ukrainian citizens with emails spreading doubt about Ukraine's progress in the ongoing conflict.

  • Includes warnings about potential shortages and spear-phishing attempts.

CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure Leaders of Volt Typhoon:
  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issues a fact sheet about the threat actor Volt Typhoon.

  • Emphasizes cyber-risk importance for critical infrastructure entities.

UK Government Report on Cyber Incidents:
  • Reveals 75% of UK businesses and 79% of charities experienced cyber incidents in 2023.

  • Highlights prevalence of cyber threats in various sectors.

Prolific Chinese Threat Campaign Targets 100+ Victims:
  • Trend Micro uncovers a Chinese cyber-espionage campaign targeting over 100 victims.

  • Highlights ongoing threat from sophisticated cyber actors.

Over 50,000 Vulnerabilities Discovered in DoD Systems:
  • Pentagon's bug bounty program identifies over 50,000 vulnerabilities in Department of Defense (DoD) systems.

  • Emphasizes ongoing cybersecurity efforts' importance to protect critical infrastructure.


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