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Episode 02: Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries

Welcome back to the enthralling world of cybersecurity with CyberSift and GO plc! In our upcoming Episode 2, we're delving deep into the intricate realm of "Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries." This promises to be a groundbreaking exploration, as we collaborate with Malta's premier telecom provider to deliver insights tailored to empower businesses operating in regulated sectors.

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

👤 Elaine Fenech - Head of GO Business & 👤 David Vassallo - CTO at CyberSift

These industry luminaries will unravel the complexities and unique challenges of cybersecurity within regulated industries, providing invaluable insights for businesses looking to fortify their cybersecurity strategies.

The Crucial Intersection of Compliance and Security:

As compliance and security intricately intertwine, understanding the nuanced landscape becomes paramount for businesses aiming not only to survive but to thrive in regulated sectors. Our speakers, with their extensive experience, will shed light on how businesses can effectively navigate this intersection.

Premiere Schedule: Mark Your Calendar

Episodes will premiere every two weeks, allowing you ample time to absorb and implement the knowledge gained from each session. Stay tuned for updates, reminders, and exclusive content as we navigate the intricacies of cybersecurity together.

Join us on this transformative cybersecurity odyssey – where knowledge meets action, and businesses emerge stronger and more secure. Subscribe now and be part of the cybersecurity conversation that shapes the future of digital resilience! 🌐🔐


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