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We specialize in ensuring peace of mind with proactive cybersecurity solutions. With our expert team, your business is safeguarded, while our SOC monitoring ensures continuous protection around the clock.

Fortifying Your Defenses with AI

Empower your business and security teams with our advanced machine learning algorithms and AI-powered tools, delivering innovative technology.

Experience tangible, measurable results through our in-house solutions.Unlock funding opportunities to drive your digital transformation journey forward with CyberSift.

Laptop AI learning + Customizable dashboard

Our CyberSift Suite

Information Security

Our in-house solutions seamlessly adapt to your unique security needs, offering advanced, customizable tools in a unified, holistic approach to safeguarding digital assets.

SOC Monitoring

We offer vigilant surveillance, real-time threat detection, and comprehensive incident response. Stay protected with our tailored solutions, aligned with industry standards.

Managed Security

Tackle security challenges with our comprehensive cyber security management services. From infrastructure to web and desktop applications, we provide expert guidance for secure development.

Get Compliant

Achieve ISO 27001 and other industry standards with our comprehensive cybersecurity management services. From risk assessment to policy implementation, we provide expert guidance tailored to your needs.

Penetration Testing

Boost your security with Cybersift's Penetration Testing. Our thorough tests follow industry standards like PTES and OWASP Top 10, covering infrastructure, web, Android, and desktop applications.

Staff Training

Empower your team against cyber threats with Cybersift's Security Training. Tailored programs strengthen defenses against phishing and emerging cyber risks. 

Fortify you digital assets

Safeguarding Everything. 
Around the Clock.

Empowered by our groundbreaking CyberSift SIEM, our all-in-one Platform empowers your security teams with state-of-the-art AI-driven tools. Transform vast data landscapes into actionable insights and respond swiftly in real-time.

Halt Breaches.
Eradicate Risk.

CyberSift seamlessly integrates a full suite of cyber threat detection services, merging your SIEM, vulnerability detection, and host forensics into a unified dashboard. Additionally, our platform provides access to dedicated analysts, offering comprehensive support and expertise all in one place.

CyberSift Visibility

Our Cyber Security Solutions

In a mere 79 minutes, your business could face a critical threat. 

That's the average time it takes for an adversary to infiltrate and navigate through your network.

When your data, reputation, and revenue hang in the balance, trust CyberSift in adversary intelligence to safeguard your assets.

Empower your security with strengthened layers of protection.

Our in-house built platform stands as a testament to remarkable speed and limitless scalability, ensuring your cybersecurity is not just effective but also tailored to the evolving threat landscape. Our emphasis on in-house development, incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and AI tools, equips you to stay ahead of potential threats with ease.


CyberSift provides a robust cybersecurity system, integrating threat intelligence from industry leaders like IBM X-Force. Our SIEM offers customizable defense strategies with adaptive threat severity. Enjoy comprehensive visibility, scalability, and effective defense through a user-friendly interface, powerful anomaly detection, and detailed reporting against emerging threats.
CyberSift SIEM

Some of our


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